What Is the Way to Turn Gridlines Off in Spreadsheet Programs Like Microsoft Excel?

To toggle gridlines on or off in spreadsheet applications such as Microsoft Excel, users should change the relevant option in the program's settings. While this removes the grid itself, it does not remove any applied borders.

Spreadsheet applications, such as Excel, use gridlines to create guides between cells, making it easier for users to identify individual cells. These gridlines are turned on, but not printed, by default. The following steps toggle gridlines on or off in Microsoft Excel 2013.

Step 1: Select worksheets

Excel files consist of one or more worksheets that are indicated by tabs near the bottom of the screen. Select all the worksheets where gridlines should be toggled off.

Step 2: Locate the "Gridlines" option

Click the "View tab" to find the "Gridlines" checkbox in the "Show" group of settings.

Step 3: Toggle "Gridlines" off

Click the "Gridlines" checkbox to toggle gridlines off. Clicking it again will toggle the gridlines back on.