What Is the Way to Know If Someone Is Hacking a Wireless Broadband?

way-someone-hacking-wireless-broadband Credit: Dimitri Otis/Stone/Getty Images

There are a number of signs that a personal wireless broadband connection has been hacked, including slower than usual connectivity or unexpected overage charges on the bill. Unrecognized computer addresses on the router log may also be a signal of a hacked connection.

A personal wireless broadband connection may be illegally used when the system is not secured. An unsecured network is one that does not have a WPA2 or router password. However, even secured networks are vulnerable to hackers, since many users either do not change the default password that the router came with or choose an easily-identifiable password that hackers are able to guess or discover by trial and error.

One of the easiest ways to tell if someone has hacked into a broadband connection is to open the network settings to see what computers or devices are connected to the personal network. If the personal broadband connection is in a home, for example, only the computers and devices owned by the people in the house should show up.

Another way to identify if a personal broadband connection has been hacked is to log into the router to view connected devices and computers. As with the network settings method, if any extra devices or computers appear in the list, the connection is not secure.