What Is the Way to Find the Socket Size of a Motherboard?


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The socket size of the motherboard corresponds to the CPU of the computer. Most contemporary motherboards use either LG1155 or LG2011 type sockets for Intel CPUs and FM- or AM3-type sockets for AMD CPUS.

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Sockets began with the 0 size designed for the 486 CPU and released in 1989. The LGA1155 series applies to Intel CPUs from the Core i3 series going forward, including Core i5 and Core i7 2000 and 3000 series. Other Intel compatible sockets include:

  • LGA1566 - Core i3 500, Core i5 600 & 700, Core i7 800, Pentium G6900, Celeron G1101
  • LGA1366 - Core i7 900, Celeron P1053
  • LGA21101 - Core i7 3800 & 3900

With respect to AMD produced CPUs, the AM2 and AM2+ sockets are compatible with any Athlon 64 series. Other AMD compatible sockets include:

  • AM3 and AM3+ - Athlon II, Phenom II & Semprom series
  • F - Athlon 64 FX 70, FX 72 & FX 74
  • FM1 and FM2 - A2 to A10 & E
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