What Is the Best Way to Send Pictures Through Email?


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The best way to send pictures through email is to use the attach function available through most email services that allows for the attachment of pictures and other small files to an email. Another option is to copy an image and paste it onto the email body, but this will not be viewable by the receiver unless he has HTML active in his browser.

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It is important to note that most email programs limit how much data can attach to an email. An alternative solution, when trying to send large files, is to upload the files onto a file sharing site or an online gallery, and share the link. Make sure the site hosting the files has privacy options so the photos are not made accessible to the public. It is also possible to use a third-party program to compress the picture files and reduce their size, but this will require the person receiving the file to use a program to extract them.

It is also important to consider whether the person receiving pictures through email can open the files. JPEG, PNG and GIF are all common picture formats that can be opened by most devices, including computers, tablets and smart phones.

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