What Is the Best Way to Send a CV by Email?

The best way to submit a CV by email is to follow the instructions in a specific job posting. It is important to read the posting carefully so that one understands the instructions. Some very busy hiring managers do not even review a CV unless all of the instructions provided in the advertisement are followed.

Basic guidelines to look for in a job posting include the information that must be included in the CV, whether a cover letter is necessary, what must be entered in the subject line of the email and whether the CV should be submitted within the body of the email or as an attachment. Sending CVs to blind emails is not generally recommended by HR professionals, so submitting to the correct email address is critical. One way to ensure this is done is to copy and paste the email address into the "TO" field of an email. Some job postings also request very specific information to be included in the CV, such as previous salaries or grade point averages. If those are not included in a CV, then an explanation should be provided in the cover letter so that the person who reviews the CV does not assume that instructions were simply ignored. Although not everyone requires a cover letter, it is highly recommended to include one. A good cover letter introduces a candidate and entices hiring managers to review a CV. Because malware and viruses have become an extensive problem on the Web, not all hiring managers want CVs submitted as attachments. If this is the case, the job posting should request that applicants submit their CVs within the body of the email. When this request is made, it is necessary only to copy and paste a resume into the email.