Is There a Way to See What Disney Princess You Are?


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A variety of websites offer online quizzes and questionnaires to help girls figure out which Disney princess they most closely resemble. Some example sites include Seventeen, Zimbio and Playbuzz. Apps are also available on social media sites like Facebook that perform the same action.

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Sites that offer variations of the "What Disney Princess Are You?" quiz ask a series of short multiple-choice personality questions to help determine someone's closest Disney princess match. The questions are different for different sites, and many of the quizzes are user-generated.

For example, in the Seventeen quiz, girls are asked questions such as their favorite school subject and how long it takes them to get ready in the morning. In the Zimbio quiz, the users are asked questions like their favorite 80s movie and their relationship with their parents. The Playbuzz quiz takes a different spin than some of the other quizzes by showing a Disney character in each question and/or possible answers to make the user feel like she is within a Disney movie.

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