What Is the Way to Reset the Voicemail Access Number for Rogers Wireless Service?


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A voicemail access number for Rogers wireless service can be reset with the wireless device itself if the password is known and by accessing the user's online account whether the password is known or not. The voicemail access number is known as the voicemail password.

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After the voicemail has been set up, users may wish to change their password from time to time directly from the wireless device.

Step 1

Turn the phone off and then on again. As it comes on again, press 1 and hold it down so that the phone dials your voicemail.

Step 2

Once the recorded greeting begins to play, press the # key at any time to access the menu. Enter your password and then select 4 for Personal Options.

Step 3

Select 2 for Administrative Options. From the next set of choices, select 1 for Password Reset and follow the prompts.

Accessing the Rogers account online also allows the user to reset the voicemail password among other options.

Step 1

Login to your account at rogers.com

Step 2

Select Account Overview and then click on the Wireless icon that should appear near the bottom of the page.

Step 3

Click on the dropdown box at the top left of the page and then select the wireless number in question.

Step 4

Click on Update Voicemail Password. Enter the password in the box and confirmation box that appear and then click on Submit.

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