What Is the Way to Reduce Laptop Fan Noise?

What Is the Way to Reduce Laptop Fan Noise?

Cleaning the computer’s vents, adjusting the energy use settings, or purchasing a laptop cooler are just a few ways to quiet a laptop fan. Excessive fan noise indicates the computer is overheated.

The purpose of a laptop fan is to keep the computer’s circuitry cool. Typically, it should only run for a few seconds at a time. If the fan runs for longer than 20 seconds or makes an unusual noise, that means the computer is overheated and could indicate an underlying problem.

The solution may be as simple as adjusting the computer’s energy settings. Owners should consult their owner’s manuals for how to do this, as it varies among operating systems. Most computers have an energy saver mode that dims the screen or decreases “awake” time, thereby reducing the power and heat the computer generates.

Simply closing tabs or reducing the use of programs that place high demands on the computer, like gaming or video editing software, can keep the computer from overheating. Another option is to buy a laptop cooler, a device that is placed underneath the laptop and plugs into the USB port.

Brushing dust and lint away from the fan vents will increase airflow, quieting the fan. Computer users familiar with electronics can open the laptop and clean the fan and circuitry with a can of compressed air. Owners should keep in mind, however, that this type of repair may void the computer’s warranty.