Is There a Way to Organize a Google Contact List of Names Into Groups?


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Google contacts can be organized into different groups by using the Groups button on the Contacts page. Users can access the Contacts page from the drop-down menu that appears after clicking the Gmail link at the upper-left-hand corner of the Google Mail web interface.

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To add a set of contacts to a group or groups, users first need to select them from their list of contacts by placing check marks in the boxes beside the appropriate entries. After a selection is made, the "Groups" button, denoted by an icon representing the busts of three people standing roughly side by side, becomes available on the menu bar at the top of the page. Clicking the button reveals a drop-down menu where users can add the selected contacts to either existing groups, by selecting the desired groups from the list, or to an entirely new group, in which case users are prompted to supply a name for the group.

Removing contacts from groups follows a similar process. Instead of adding check marks beside group names in the Groups drop-down menu, users need the remove the check marks for each corresponding group the selected contacts should no longer be included in.

Other group organization options can be accessed by selecting a group from the list of groups on the left side of the Contacts page. By clicking the "More" button on the menu bar afterward, users can choose to rename the selected group or delete it entirely.

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