What Is the Way to Obtain the IP Address of Someone in Yahoo Messenger?

To find the IP address of a person in Yahoo Messenger, open the command prompt, share a peer-to-peer file and type the word "neststat -n" into the command prompt. The file that comes up with the command prompt will list the real or proxy IP address of the person on Yahoo Messenger.

To open the command prompt, press the buttons "run" and "CMD" at the same time. This will give a manual box for operations. Since Yahoo uses a server for all of its messages, the messages that come from a person on Messenger will first go through the server. By using a regular message on Yahoo Messenger, the person looking for the IP address will come back with the IP address of the servers that Yahoo Messenger uses. This will not be the correct IP address.

To find the IP address of the person that is talking on Yahoo Messenger, a peer-to-peer connection should be established. A peer-to-peer connection can be connecting with that person on webcam through the Messenger application or by sending a file to or from that person on Messenger. Sending a picture file is usually the best way to establish a peer-to-peer connection with the other person.