What Is a Way to Make an Obituary in Microsoft Word?

way-make-obituary-microsoft-word Credit: The Photography Factory/Moment/Getty Images

The easiest way to make an obituary in Microsoft Word is to download a template. There are several free templates available online, but starting with resources from the funeral home first is a good idea.

Obituaries and funeral programs require special formatting to make them printable. However, most families can now create these items from their home computer. During the difficult time following a family member’s passing, the last thing needed is an extra hassle. Using a template at home ensures the text will print beautifully and will truly honor the personality of the loved one. Templates have preset specifications for text formatting, alignment, titling and even inserting photographs.

Choose a template that is easy to understand and will fit the content of the obituary. Then begin writing, remember the first draft does not have to be fancy and only takes a few clicks to edit. Traditionally, an obituary starts with the basic information, such as birthdate, birthplace, date of death, and the location of the person's death. The middle section is a mini biography about the deceased's accomplishments and contributions. The conclusion is often used for appreciations and goodbye messages. Once the text is in place, chose one or two photographs that carry nostalgic value and add to the emotional quality of the writing.