What Is the Way to Get a Landline Telephone Connection in the United States?


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A landline, or fixed line, telephone connection is installed by a local service provider after a resident orders the service. Some carriers do not charge a fee for installation, but this varies from carrier to carrier.

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In the United States, residents can ask for a new number when ordering a telephone connection, or opt to use the same number used by the previous tenant. Many homes in the country are already wired for landline use and include telephone access points in different rooms. However, if points are not available, the local phone company should be able to provide additional wiring.

Step 1: Order the connection
Contact the local service provider to order a new connection. The company will require some information including:

  • Full name and address of the applicant
  • Choice of calling plan
  • Social Security number
  • Billing information

Step 2: Buy a telephone
Although most telephone companies also offer telephones, residents can purchase their own devices if they want to. Even though the landline itself is a fixed connection, residents can purchase wireless telephones that offer more freedom of movement. These devices have a base unit that connects to the telephone line and a wireless handset that can be used in areas close to the base unit.

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