What Is the Best Way to Create Word Art in Microsoft Word?


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To create WordArt in Microsoft Office Word, go to the insert menu. Then, go to the picture menu option, and select the WordArt menu button.

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The WordArt gallery dialog box opens. One of the options will be the style menu. Find a style that suits your purposes, and double-click it to select it. Go to the Edit WordArt text dialog box, and type in the text that you want to use for the art. You can choose to make the text bold or italic. When you are finished selecting the style and typing the text, click OK, and the word art will be inserted into the document.

If you wish to edit the WordArt after placing it in the document, click on it. The WordArt toolbar will open. Click the Edit Text button to open the Edit WordArt dialog box. You can edit the style by selecting the WordArt Gallery option, which opens the WordArt Gallery dialog box. Click Format WordArt to change things like spacing and other paragraph options. To select a different pattern, click WordArt shape. There is also an option that allows you to make all of the letters the same size, or make the first letter of a word larger than the other letters.

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