What Is the Way to Copy a CD to a Computers's Hard Drive?


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Copying a CD to a hard disk begins with choosing the CD, selecting rip from the Start menu, selecting music or file and setting the audio quality of the file. The last step is to uncheck other tracks that one does not want to copy before removing the CD. One must ensure that all files are copied correctly, by double clicking the CD-ROM contents.

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For Windows, the first step, is inserting the CD to the CD drive. The next step is double clicking the CD drive to in order to open the file. After locating the file, select it and the press ctrl + c. The last step is to select the location where the file will be copied to and pressing ctrl + v. Upon completion, eject the CD.

For a Mac, the user needs to place the CD in the optical drive. Next, select Disk Image and enter a new name for the file. After selecting an option for the new file's format, click save. The original CD can now be ejected. To create copies of the saved version of the CD, simply click the Disk Image and select Burn, once a black CD has been placed in the optical drive.

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