What Is the Way to Connect Armored Cable?


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When installing and connecting armored cable, it is of utmost importance to use short bushings. These will prevent the cable from deteriorating, and they will also prevent arcs and shorts. Punch out the knockout tab, insert the cable and attach the connector to the junction box.

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Armored cable is typically significantly more durable than normal cable, since the electric wiring is protected with a sheath that prevents damage from occurring. However, this added protection comes at the cost of accessibility. It is highly recommended to purchase an armor cable cutting tool without working on the cable; a hacksaw is never a good idea.

When installing the cable, it is preferable to shorten the cable so that it comes in at just the right length for whatever the project entails. This is where the cutting tool comes in. Just remember to allow an extra 8-10 inches of cable to work with in case some of the measurements are a little off.

When attaching the cable connector, use a clamp to make sure that the connection will last through use. If a clamp isn't available, or is not working, then a set screw will do just fine.

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