How Do You Watch TV Shows on a PC?

How Do You Watch TV Shows on a PC?

Watch TV shows on a PC by using online streaming services or connecting a tuner to the computer. Although the former method does not require any hardware adjustments, connecting a tuner may require the user to open the computer case. Media center computers often include built-in tuners.

You can watch TV content via your Web browser by subscribing to a service that streams TV shows, such as Hulu. As of January 2016, Hulu is available with two payment plans: limited commercials and no commercials. The latter costs more, but both plans have access to the same TV show library.

Use an internal or external TV tuner to turn your computer into a TV set. While external TV tuners often connect via the USB port, users must connect internal tuners to PCI or PCI-Express slots on their motherboards. To use an external tuner, plug it into an USB port, and then connect an antenna to the connector on the device if necessary.

If you have an internal tuner, you must place it in a PCI slot. To do so, turn off the computer, pull the power cord, and open the lid on the left side of the case. Identify a PCI slot by looking for long slots below the processor. Place the card in an empty slot, lock it in place with a screw, and reassemble the case.

With the TV tuner connected to your computer, Windows should detect the device and install the appropriate drivers automatically. If it doesn't, reboot to make sure it detects the tuner. If available, you should also install the applications provided by the manufacturer.