How Do You Watch Items on EBay?

How Do You Watch Items on EBay?

To watch an item on eBay, log in to your eBay account and click on the listing for the item you want to watch. Click the Add to Watch List button, located under the Place Bid button near the top of the listing.

Adding an item to your watch list allows you to track it without actually making a bid on the auction. You aren't committed to buying the item unless you actually make a bid.

You must have an eBay account to watch an item. By watching an item from your account, you are able to go back to see the listing from My eBay. When you want to see your Watch List, click Watch List & Other Lists from the List section on My eBay. Choose Watch List. All of the auctions you're currently watching appear on the list.

The eBay mobile app also allows users to watch items when logged in to their accounts. A Watch link appears on the listings on the eBay mobile app.

You can remove an item from your eBay watch list if you decide you are no longer interested in the auction. From your watch list, find the auction you want to remove. Click the Delete link next to the item.