How Do You Watch CBS Live for Free?


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CBS and many other channels broadcast over-the-air signals which allow them to be watched live for free using an antenna. Plug an antenna into the coaxial port of any television manufactured since 2007. Have the television scan for available channels; this may happen automatically. Televisions manufactured before 2007 may also be able to pick up OTA signals but may require a digital adapter in order to do so.

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The Federal Communications Commission mandated that in 2009 all television networks had to begin broadcasting using a digital signal. Every television manufactured since 2007, and many televisions manufactured before then, include the functionality to interpret this signal. Combined with improved antenna technology, the switch to digital broadcasting has resulted in a superior viewing experience compared to that experienced using an antenna prior to 2009. This is the result of digital signals broadcasting at a higher frequency with less noise.

CBS.com also has recent episodes of many of the network's television shows available to stream for free. Although these are not live, they are generally available within 24 hours of the original broadcast. To watch an episode of a specific television show, hover over the Shows button at the top of the page and click on the show title. Then select an episode from the Full Episodes box on the page.

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