How Does the Walmart Store Locator Find the Closest Walmart in Any Specific Location?


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The Walmart store locator tool finds the closest Walmart in a given location by comparing the destination city or ZIP code to a master list of all active store locations. The tool displays the stores with the shortest distance to the origin point and other stores within a given radius.

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To use the Walmart store locator tool, a user visits the Store Finder page of Walmart.com and enters a city and state or ZIP code to use as the destination location. If the user enters a city and state, the system begins by identifying all stores with an address that contains a matching city and state and lists the largest store in that area as the primary result. It then expands the search outwards at a default of 50 miles. If the user enters a ZIP code, the system performs the same process, matching that information to available store data.

After conducting an initial search, it is possible for the user to refine the search by choosing from several different distances to either narrow down the results to a specific area or expand them to cover a broader region. The tool also allows the user to search for stores that offer specific merchandise such as alcohol and grocery items, specific services such as Money Centers and pharmacies, or special operating conditions such as being open 24 hours.

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