How Does Wal-Mart's My Family Mobile Measure up Against Other Plans?


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Wal-Mart's Family Mobile cell phone plans provide cheaper month-to-month costs than many other contract and prepaid providers for multiple cell phone lines, but these plans often provide less data than those of competitors. Startup costs for a Family Mobile plan can be higher than with other services as well.

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Wal-Mart Family Mobile is unusual compared to many other cell phone providers because it is a post-paid month-to-month service. Many other cell phone providers either use a service contract model or operate as prepaid services. Another unusual feature of this service is that it requires customers to purchase an activation pack for $25 dollars for each line. This pack includes a SIM card for use with the network, allowing customers to bring compatible phones from other networks with them to Family Mobile. However, the pack is also required for customers who purchase a new phone for the plan unless the specific phone includes the starter pack as a bonus, adding to the overall cost of a new line for those customers.

New Wal-Mart Family Mobile accounts as of 2015 include unlimited talk and text but no data. 4G LTE data plans incur an additional fee per month per line for data. Heavy data users may be better served by other providers that offer more data for less money, especially if they do not intend to add several lines to the same plan.

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