What Are Some Free VST Plugins?

What Are Some Free VST Plugins?

Free virtual studio technology plugins include de la Mancha FMMF, UpStereo, daHornet, The Anvil and SimulAnalog Guitar Suite. A wide range of free VSTs is available to download from VSTPlanet.com and VSTWarehouse.com. De la Mancha FMMF is a frequency modulation synthesizer that has a graphic display for waveforms, algorithms and envelopes. A low-pass filter, distortion and delay are also built in, along with an arpeggiator.

UpStereo increases the input signal's perceived loudness and stereo width to create a wider, fuller sounding mix. DaHornet is a VST emulation of the Electronic Dream Plant Wasp. The Wasp is an analog synthesizer that amassed a cult following thanks to its unusual envelopes and warm filters.

The Anvil from Ignite Amps is a guitar preamp with clean, rhythm and lead channels. It is also a VST emulation of a hardware component, and it allows the user to automate its controls. SimulAnalog's Guitar Suite is also a guitar processor, featuring two virtual amps and five virtual pedals. The Guitar Suite includes reverberation, drive and equalization controls.

For piano players, Sound Magic Piano One is based on the Yamaha C7 grand piano. Sound Magic offers extra piano sounds for sale on its website. For producers in need of a freeware compressor, Rough Rider from Audio Damage is designed for drum busses and rhythmic tracks.

Ohm Force's Frohmage is a low-pass filter that is combined with a series of delayed band-pass filters. A distortion stage rounds out Frohmage's features.