What Is a VPN Service on the IPad?


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The VPN service on the iPad allows users to create a virtual private network. Users typically establish VPNs to access their employer's network to access work emails or other protected information. A VPN is a secure network established over an encrypted Internet connection, Wi-Fi or cellular-data network. A VPN enables users to securely access information or communicate with other authorized personnel behind a network's firewall.

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Some companies prohibit mobile access to private networks, while certain data providers limit access to business accounts. If access is permitted, the user must first procure the VPN settings from the system administrator or information technology department to establish a connection.

To configure a VPN on the iPad, a user must tap Settings, General, Network and then VPN. The user must select Add VPN Configuration and select which configuration is required, and enter the VPN information in the corresponding fields. If using a proxy, the user must enable this setting at the bottom of the screen and tap Save to store the private network.

After configuration, the user must activate the VPN from the home screen, tap Settings and select the VPN setting to establish a connection between the iPad and the private network. If the connection is disrupted, a user can review the VPN settings to ensure they are properly entered.

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