What Is the Voter Lists Online Website Used For?

What Is the Voter Lists Online Website Used For?

VoterListsOnline.com is a website for political campaigns, consultants and candidates use only. It will not sell data for other purposes.

VoterListsOnline.com maintains a database, designed by a company called Aristotle, specifically for political and campaign use. It culls informationof census data, telephone numbers and demographics of registered voters. The database has voter records going back20 years. Customizeddetails are available to clients once they have become customers.

Voter information is collected at state, county and municipal levers throughout the United States. Using an algorithm, the company parses the data for use by candidate campaign strategists. Background information available includes political party, income levels, religion and religious charity donations.

Output services to clients include five different forms of electronic files, three various paper output forms, specialty selections including both random and clustered samples. The voter lists are linked to the national "do not call" list and those names can be excluded from campaign databases.

The Artistotle database program capturesand sorts voter and political data for campaign use. It updates voter records in addition to micro-targeting voters based on interests, hobbies, reading habits, magazine subscriptions and how many people of voting age, live in a home. It also provides party affiliation, race, exact age, voting history and the school board district.