What Are Some Free Volume Control Programs?

What Are Some Free Volume Control Programs?

Volumouse by NirSoft, Unified Remote by Unified Intents, Finely Tuned by Immature Bits and Volume Control for Mac by Some Studio are four free volume programs. While Volumouse is only available for Windows computers, Finely Tuned and Volume Control for Mac are only compatible with Mac OS X systems. Unified Remote works on Android devices and can control the volume settings of Windows, Mac OS X or Linux computers.

Volumouse allows the user to control system volume by combining keyboard keys, interface elements and mouse commands. For instance, the user can turn the volume up by rolling the mouse wheel up while holding down the Alt key. Likewise, it is possible to adjust volume with the mouse wheel when the cursor is over the taskbar. The user must predetermine the exact method. The application does not interfere with the default mouse wheel function.

Unified Remote is a collection of remote tools that can also change volume from afar. The Android application communicates computers over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. With a connection established, the user can change system or application volume levels from his phone.

Immature Bits' Finely Tuned allows Mac users to change the volume levels of the operating system and iTunes at the same time. The application also supports keyboard shortcuts.

Volume Control is similar to Unified Remote but only works in Mac OS X and iOS devices. The application allows the user to adjust the system volume of their Mac computers from their mobile devices. The developer warns that users must turn on the Remote Login setting under Sharing in System Preferences.