What Vocabulary Resources Does Wordly Wise 3000 Offer?


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Wordly Wise 3000 offers 13 vocabulary workbooks targeted for kindergarten through 12th grade and an interactive online program for use on computer or tablet. Workbooks are supplemented by teacher resource materials including additional vocabulary activities and answer keys, audio CDs and free online reinforcement activities.

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Wordly Wise 3000 focuses on introducing new vocabulary words incrementally and systematically. The exercises strengthen reading, writing and critical thinking skills while gradually building vocabulary mastery. Students learn to use a dictionary, recognize Latin and Greek roots and use prefixes and suffixes to determine word meanings. All workbooks include word lists, various vocabulary activities and periodic assessments of mastery.

Workbooks for kindergarten and first grade target oral and visual word use and prepare students for reading. Book 2 begins to introduce new vocabulary skills and strategies such as context clues, reading comprehension, and synonyms and antonyms. With each level, workbook content becomes more complex and challenging. High school-level workbooks prepare students for more advanced academic work, including literary analysis and standardized tests. Assessments in Books 9 through 12 include a standardized test prep preview section to prepare students for college entrance exams such as SAT and ACT. The online program offers essentially the same content as the workbooks, with an easy-to-use student interface. Wordly Wise 3000 materials are suitable for classroom or after-school use and are also popular with home educators.

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