What Is a VOB File?


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A Video Object (VOB) file is the core file of a DVD, which contains the actual movie data, the supported audio and an MPEG movie stream. Files in a VOB format are usually encrypted.

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VOB files have a .vob file name extension, and they are stored at the root of a DVD in the VIDEO_TS folder. The VOB file format is mainly based on an MPEG program stream format but with some specifications and limitations in the private streams. The MPEG program stream has specifications for nonstandard data, such as the data in VOB files. VOB files are subsets of the MPEG program stream standards; therefore, all VOB files are mainly MPEG program streams, but not all MPEG program streams are VOB files.

To play VOB files, a DVD player that supports the VOB file format is needed. However, a VLC media player or a Windows media player — version 12 or higher — can be used. To obtain a VOB file from a DVD, just open the DVD using Windows Explorer instead of using a media player. The VOB file folder will display two types of files: BUP and IFO. The IFO files contain metadata about the DVD and specific instructions on how to handle the disc, while BUP files are a backup copy of IFO files.

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