How Does Vine Work?

Vine users record short videos using the app's camera, editing features and special effects and then post the videos to their Vine pages or embed them in Tweets. Users may also share other users' videos.

Vine records up to 6 seconds of looping video at a time. Video loops automatically replay without interruption. Touching the screen starts the camera, and the camera continues recording for up to 6 seconds as long as the finger remains on the screen. After 6 seconds, the user can touch the screen again to record another clip. Several short clips can be linked together to create a single longer video.

A number of special effects are available that users can select as they're recording. Editing is done on the fly, from the recording screen, so videos can be shot and uploaded quickly. Users create their own profile pages then customize their pages to determine who may view their videos. They can upload their videos directly to their pages or embed them in Tweets. Twitter created the Vine app to integrate with it in much the same way that Instagram integrates with Facebook.

Users may share others' videos by "revining," or forwarding, them. Vine has a number of channels, which are used to categorize users' videos. An Explore feature allows users to browse and share Vines and find new Viners, or Vine users, to follow.