What Is the Vine App?


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Vine is an application that enables users to make videos that are 6 seconds long or less, and then post them to share with others. From the Vine website or from a smartphone, visitors can view these posted videos and "follow" Viners they like. They can also re-Vine videos that they feel are worth sharing.

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The mobile video-sharing service could be called the Twitter of videos due to its brevity. Perhaps not surprisingly, Twitter acquired the company in 2012.

Vine is available for Windows, iOS and Android users, and in January 2015, it released a kid-friendly version called Vine Kids, a sanitized app with only material appropriate for children age 5 or less, such as "Sesame Street" and other innocent clips. Vine Kids is only available for iOS users and is available from the Apple App Store.

Vine videos, much like Twitter messages, are tagged with hashtags so fellow Viners can easily find them by category or topic. Viners can also send private messages to one another, or block a Viner, if necessary. If a Viner doesn't like the sound quality of the videos, there are accessories that can be purchased, such as boom microphones, to improve the user experience.

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