What Is a VGA Camera?

What Is a VGA Camera?

Video graphics array cameras are low-end cameras typically found on budget cell phones, but they can also be used as security cameras. Their photos are 0.3 megapixel, with video at the same quality as standard-definition television.

If photo quality isn't essential, a VGA camera is an inexpensive option for taking photos. The resulting image is 640x480 pixels, which makes it smaller than CIF, QCIF or QVGA but large enough to allow for a relatively clear image so long as the image isn't enlarged.

Because of their low cost, VGA cameras are often used for security cameras, as they provide the same quality as standard-definition television. Using them as security cameras allows more cameras to be put in place with each taking video of sufficient quality to capture faces and even lettering on clothing.

Because VGA cameras can be made relatively small, they are also used in some low-end cell phones. Prior to camera technology in use as of 2014, which allows for high-end photos as seen in phones such as the iPhone or Galaxy Note, VGA cameras were standard in many cell phones.

VGA cameras are still in wide use as police dash-cams, given both their small size and the decent quality they can capture. While trends are starting to edge towards higher-quality cameras, one roadblock that some departments are facing is storage. Because the lower-quality video from a VGA camera is a smaller size, cruisers can carry smaller and cheaper storage devices.