Why Does VEVO Brand Themselves Separately From YouTube?


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VEVO brands itself separately from YouTube because it's not actually part of YouTube, but is a separate joint venture company owned by several music labels, as of 2015. It operates its own independent website and apps that are not part of YouTube, but does license content to appear on YouTube.

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The music companies Abu Dhabi Media, Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment created VEVO as a stand-alone service providing users with access to music videos from the different artists on each company's labels. It also features some artists from other labels who grant a license to the company in exchange for exposure on the service. VEVO has a special partnership with Google, the parent company of the video-streaming site YouTube, which allows them to operate differently on the site.

The standard payment model for YouTube channels consists of the channel owner and YouTube sharing the revenue on adds that appear before or on the videos. However, VEVO pays a fee to appear on YouTube, but runs its own ads on videos. As YouTube does not own any part of VEVO, or the music videos that appear on any artist's VEVO YouTube channel, each company maintains separate branding imagery and practices. VEVO also makes the content available on VEVO.com and through its own mobile and video streaming apps.

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