What Is Verizon Three-Way Calling?


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Three-way calling is a feature offered by Verizon Wireless that allows one cellphone to make calls to two other phones simultaneously. The ability to make three-way calls is included with Verizon Wireless service as of August 2014.

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The exact procedure to make a three-way call varies by phone model. Detailed instructions for making a three-way call are included in the user guides for many cellphones, including iPhones and phones based on Windows Phone technology.

While Verizon Wireless does not charge additional fees to use the three-way calling feature as of August 2014, some users may be responsible for additional costs. Customers who are on a non-unlimited plan are charged airtime minutes for two simultaneous calls while a three-way call is in progress. Any toll or long distance costs, such as those that apply when dialing international numbers, still apply during three-way calls.

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