Does Verizon Have Good Customer Service on the Phone?

J.D. Power and Associates ranked Verizon Wireless as the highest-quality customer service provider for the fourth consecutive time in 2013. The company scored highly in the areas of phone calls through an automatic response system and calls direct to customer service representatives. J.D. Power and Associates determined the rankings based on over 7,000 customer surveys

Verizon Wireless scored 766 out 1,000 overall for customer satisfaction. J.D. Power and Associates also ranked Verizon the highest among small and mid-size business services providers in 2014. Verizon scored an overall 759 out of 1,000 for small and medium businesses and a 727 for very small businesses. Scoring criteria included customer rankings for sales representatives, communications and customer service. The scores were based on responses from 4,220 business customers.

PC Magazine awarded Verizon FiOS the Business Choice Award in 2015 with a score of 8.4 out of 10. PC Magazine readers completed surveys on their Internet service providers, which included questions about overall satisfaction and experiences with customer support. This was the tenth time Verizon FiOS had outscored all other surveyed competitors. The average score for the surveyed providers was 6.9. Verizon scored a 7.1 for its business services division, which offered wireless, broadband and FiOS services.