What Is the Verizon Edge Plan?


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Verizon Edge is a program that allows customers to spread the cost of a mobile device over 24 months rather than paying for it all upfront. Participants also have the chance to upgrade to a new device faster than the standard Verizon plan.

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What Is the Verizon Edge Plan?
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Verizon Edge is available to customers with a standard monthly agreement who have been with Verizon for at least seven months and have a good payment history. New customers may participate in Verizon Edge with an approved credit check. The customer's financial standing determines limits on the amount that can be deferred using the Edge program.

Verizon does not charge a fee to participate in the Edge program. The cost of the device is divided into monthly payments, which vary depending on the device. Customers who pay at least 75 percent of the device's cost after 30 days are eligible for an upgrade called Edge Up. To upgrade, the customer must return the current device without any significant damage.

Another benefit of the Verizon Edge program is the discount on the monthly charge for customers who have a More Everything plan. The discount depends on the specific plan and the number of devices the customer has under the Edge plan.

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