What Are Some Verizon Data Plans?


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Verizon Wireless offers prepaid data plans as well as customizable monthly plans, including the More Everything and Verizon Edge plans. Verizon also offers data plans for businesses, single lines, international travel and citizens over 65 years of age.

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Verizon's More Everything plan provides customizable data service to families and individuals. The plan allows customers unlimited talking and text messaging, but requires a commitment of two years and an activation fee. The plan gives users the ability to share data between up to 10 devices, including cellphones, smartphones, tablets and other connected technology. In addition, subscribers have mobile hot-spot capability, international data and 25 gigabytes of cloud storage.

Verizon's prepaid data plan allows customers to purchase data when they need it and gives them access to unlimited talking and text messaging without having to commit to a two-year contract. Prepaid users still pay a monthly bill, but are not given the same perks as those who choose the More Everything plan. Either plan allows customers to use their own devices or to purchase new ones at full retail price with the possibility for an upgrade after two years.

Verizon also offers data plans for international calling and text messaging and for traveling overseas. In addition, the company provides Internet and phone service to businesses and has special offers on all of its data plans for customers 65 years of age or more.

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