How Do You Verify a Sprint Discount? allows you to verify an eligible Sprint discount. Customers also have the option of verifying a discount by visiting a Sprint retail store or calling 1-866-639-8354. When verifying online, you’ll need to click Support, then Services on the left side of the homepage. Next, click on the Get an Employee Discount link and enter your email address from the organization affiliated with the discount. The system then sends you an email with a verification link to complete the process.

You must then complete an online form and upload your proof documents before the date provided. Eligible proof documents include a variety of forms, such as an employee badge or a recent pay stub. Fax the request form and proof documents to 913-523-1987 or 1-877-687-8211. You should cover up or black out any confidential information on the proof documents. Important information, such as your name and organization name, must be clearly displayed in order to be accepted. also allows you to check the status of your verification, after you have submitted all the required documentation. As of 2015, the Sprint discount doesn’t apply to all wireless services, such as the Mobile Hotspot add-on and the Cut Your Bill in Half offer. The system will deny your eligibility if you provide a personal email address.