What Is the Verification Process for SafeLink Wireless?

What Is the Verification Process for SafeLink Wireless?

The verification process for the SafeLink wireless program is either performed online through the SafeLink site if someone is required to self-verify or through the corresponding government program's office or online portal. The SafeLink wireless program is a government-backed initiative that provides cell phone and cell phone service to people enrolled in programs like Medicaid, the National School Lunch Program or Federal Public Housing Assistance.

Others who are eligible for the service are those that meet annual income requirements as stated by state and federal guidelines. Each year, recipients of the service are required to verify the requirements outlined by the program to receive continued assistance.

To verify, those eligible must meet the existing requirements by submitting paystubs, W-2 tax forms and documentation that can be verified through a database.

As requirements vary by state, requested documentation may differ according to the government program that is used as a qualifier.

Benefits of the SafeLink program include a free cell phone and a certain number of free minutes and text messages per month. For a fee, additional minutes can be purchased through the SafeLink site, using a SafeLink phone number as an ID number.

The online verification process requires this number, as well as identifying numbers that correspond to the assistance program in which the participant is enrolled.