How Do You Know the Value of a 1997 Mobile Home?


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The value of a mobile home depends on how much people are willing to pay for one, but TheColonialGroup.com and other online sources provide tools for estimating the value of a home. The condition of a home can dramatically affect its value.

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Mobile homes wear down over time, and some forms of damage can cause the value of a mobile home to plummet. Rotten wood, for example, can be expensive to repair. On metal homes, rust, which can potentially threaten the integrity of the home, can scare away potential buyers and appraisers.

Unlike most homes, mobile homes generally depreciate in value over time. This is especially true of older models, which were designed to avoid building regulations by attaching wheels underneath the home. Since the mid-1970s, various agencies have demanded better construction standards for mobile homes. As a result, especially old mobile homes sometimes depreciate more than newer mobile homes.

Whether a mobile home needs to be moved can affect its value as well. Mobile home parks charge for basic services, and buyers who want to move to a new lot might want to pay less for a particular mobile home. Another factor that can affect pricing is the HVAC infrastructure in the home; newer, more efficient systems can improve the value of a home.

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