How Do You Utilize Xfinity Remote Codes?

How Do You Utilize Xfinity Remote Codes?

Xfinity Remote codes are used to program the remote controls used on the cable boxes to work television sets. These codes vary according to the brand of the television, and use a specific procedure that inputs the code for the control.

There are thousands of code combinations that are used to program a Xfinity remote to a television set. In order to correctly input the controller code use the following instructions listed below.

  1. Turn the TV on
  2. Press the on button for the television that is be programmed, then press and hold the TV button located on the remote control.

  3. Press the Setup button
  4. Press and hold down the setup button. Wait until the button's light blinks two times to signify the controller is in program mode.

  5. Input the control code
  6. Use the number pad on the remove control to input the correct code. The actual code can be looked up online, but it may also be found inside the remove control manual. Make sure to check the manual for reference.

  7. Wait for the code to be programmed
  8. Once the code is successfully entered, the light on the remote control will blink twice. Now, the remote will be able to be used with the television set.