How Do You Utilize the HomeLink System in Cars?


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The HomeLink system syncs with compatible radio frequency devices for seamless interaction from your automobile. After programming the HomeLink wireless control system, the technology automatically locates and syncs to the original transmissions of your property's gate, garage door and/or home lighting system.

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Once HomeLink is programmed into your vehicle, it duplicates both fixed and rolling codes to activate your RF devices. The technology makes it easy to open and close your garage doors, property gates and entry locks. The technology also lets you interact with your interior and exterior lighting systems.

Through the training button, HomeLink syncs with your RF devices within seconds. After syncing, you can turn your devices on and off seamlessly from your car through the press of a single button. Because the technology runs through your car's electrical system, it works as long as your car does.

HomeLink only works with wireless keypads or handheld transmitters. Only devices with frequency bands between 288 and 433 megahertz work with HomeLink's technology. Most automobiles manufactured after 2007 are equipped with Homelink as a standard feature or add-on option. If you have trouble integrating the technology into your vehicle, visit the HomeLink website, and review the troubleshooting tips located under the FAQ section.

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