How Do You Utilize a Comcast TV Remote Code?


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Users enter Comcast TV remote codes individually from the list of available manufacturer's codes. The correct code successfully pairs the remote control with the desired television or other electronic device.

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Remote controls distributed by Comcast are either dual-device remotes that control a television and set-top box only, or they are universal remotes that pair with multiple other electronic devices. Users pair the remote with the television or other device by using a code specific for the manufacturer.

Comcast lists the code or codes for the device and manufacturer of interest on its website. With fresh batteries in the remote and the device powered on, the individual presses and holds the Setup button. The TV button flashes twice, indicating that the first applicable code from the list can be entered on the remote. Once the user enters the code, the TV button flashes twice again, and for some Comcast remotes, the device powers off automatically when the entered code is a correct match. For other remotes, the match is tested manually by pressing the Power button.

If the device does not power off, the code is an incorrect match. The use needs to repeat the process using the next code on the list until one allows the remote to successfully power off the device.

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