What Are Some Uses for a Keyspan Serial-to-USB Adapter?

What Are Some Uses for a Keyspan Serial-to-USB Adapter?

The Keyspan serial-to-USB adapter enables users to connect devices that use a nine-pin serial port to their computers. Some devices that use the serial port are barcode scanners, network storage devices, car diagnostic tools and network routers.

The EZ-Scan AX60000 OBD-I Scan Tool by AutoXray is a device that uses a nine-pin connection. As modern computers do not have 9-pin serial ports, mechanics must use the Keyspan converter to read on-board diagnostic codes. They can then use diagnostic applications to see the meaning of the code and determine how to repair a car.

Old or cheap business-grade network hardware may use nine-pin ports. As such, network technicians must use the Keyspan converter when creating new networks or performing repairs. Likewise, old computers used the 9-pin connection to exchange files and data. The invention of faster ports, such as USB and FireWire, effectively rendered the nine-pin connection obsolete for the home user.

The PS700 handheld barcode scanner also uses a nine-pin connection. Stores may need to use the Keyspan converter to connect the scanner to their computers.

The adapter by Keyspan can maintain connections up to 320 kilobits per second, requires no external power source and works with Windows versions up to 10, as well as Mac OS X versions up to 10.11. The company claims that the adapter works twice as fast as a native nine-pin port. The adapter comes with a data trace application and is upgradeable with free software downloads.