What Are Some Uses for an English Word Spell-Check?


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An English word spell-check application is used to help minimize spelling and typing errors when writing an email, a paper or essay, an article or any other document on a computer. The application checks every typed word and makes sure that it is a word in the dictionary, helping the writer to determine which words they may have spelled incorrectly.

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English word spell-check applications are widely used for almost all processes that involve typing on a computer. The feature is commonly used as a tool for students who are writing research papers or essays, but is also used by editors and individuals who wish to minimize embarrassing typing errors, such as in professional emails. The applications typically come as standard on Web browsers and word processing programs and can even make automatic changes to commonly misspelled words to help streamline the typing process.

English word spell-checkers search every typed word to make sure that each one corresponds with the spelling given in the dictionary built into the application. If a typed word does not match any of the correct spellings, it will be indicated in some way, such as by a small red underline. Newer English word spell-checks are even able to determine grammatical errors, but may consider correctly-spelled proper nouns and foreign words as incorrect.

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