Is There a User Guide for OneNote?

Microsoft's website has an official OneNote 2013 quick start guide, as of 2015. The site also provides guides for other versions of OneNote, including the 2007, 2010 and 2016 versions.

From the Microsoft homepage, click Support on the top navigation bar. Then, click Office and select OneNote Help. Alternatively, select Get Started to view the quick start guides for all Microsoft Office 2013 products. Click on the OneNote quick start guide to access the page. Depending on the browser, the quick start guide either opens in a separate tab or downloads in PDF format. Alternatively, searching for the term "OneNote" provides videos, tutorials, webinars, and training courses for OneNote products.

Microsoft's website also offers similar guides for other Microsoft Office products. Searching for a different product also yields webinars, tutorials and training for other programs.