What Are Some User Complaints Regarding Clear TV?


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Although most of the reviews for the Clear TV HD antenna on Amazon.com are positive, some customers complain that it does not work well during times of inclement weather and fails to improve reception in general. Clear TV acknowledges these challenges and offers solutions on its website, ClearTV.com.

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The Clear TV HD antenna is a tuner that receives digital signals transmitted by broadcast towers, so rain and wind may affect the antenna's reception. The antenna's proximity to broadcast towers affects signal strength as well, and greater distances, hills, mountains, trees and buildings may result in weaker signals, poor reception and fewer channels to choose from.

Another user complaint about Clear TV is that it is misleading. ClearTV.com claims that the antenna allows users to bypass cable and satellite, which suggests that the Clear TV HD antenna can replace cable or satellite. However, the antenna only receives broadcast, or over-the-air, signals and programming transmitted by broadcast networks, such as NBC or ABC. Some customers complain that the antenna does not work at all.

ClearTV.com recommends placing the antenna on an exterior wall, a window or any location where the reception is strongest to remedy these issues. Clear TV sells a signal amplifier to help boost reception.

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