What Is Some Useful Wi-Fi Network Software?


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Some useful wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi) network applications include CommView, inSSIDer and Wireless Wizard, as noted by TechRepublic.com. Free versions of these wireless networking programs are available to end users.

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A Wi-Fi network provides connectivity to the Internet or a local area network through the transmission of radio waves. Frequent improvements to wireless networking protocols have increasingly made this technology the preferred mode of Internet connection in certain business applications. To enhance security and optimization further, software companies develop utility programs tools that enable users to better manage their wireless network.

CommView is a sniffer tool that intercepts data transmission over the Internet. Specifically developed for wireless networks, this program analyzes blocks of data and then sends a notification to the user when certain types of data have been identified. This built-in alarm system is particularly useful when detecting malicious data that may potentially harm the wireless network.

The inSSIDer application is an updated version of the Net Stumbler program. It is compatible with computers that run on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. The inSSIDer comes with a graphical interface that displays the wireless networks available in an area and the types of networks, including their highest transfer speed and channel usage. A graph that plots the amplitude and channel usage of all detected wireless networks is also provided. Other useful applications designed for Wi-Fi networks include Wireless Key Generator and WeFi.

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