What Are Some Useful Telephone Tricks?

What Are Some Useful Telephone Tricks?

One useful iPhone trick for those who like to listen to music before going to sleep allows users to set a timer for when the music should stop playing. To set the timer, press Clock, select Timer, and then When Timer Ends. Lower on the menu, select the Stop Playing option, choose when you want the music to stop, and press Start.

You can erase entered digits one by one in the calculator by swiping your finger to the right or left of the number. Swipe several times to remove multiple digits.

IPhone owners can add an additional layer of protection to their phones with an alphanumeric passcode. To set it, select Settings, choose General, click on Passcode Lock, and switch off Simple Passcode. The phone then asks for an alphanumeric password.

Operate an Android phone using voice control by moving the Home button up until the Google logo appears, and saying "OK Google, launch", then say the name of the application you want to open. If you are using Gmail, remove the Email application by clicking Settings, selecting Apps, then All tabs. Choose Email, and switch it off.

To increase battery life, choose Settings, click Battery, and press the Action Overflow button in the top right corner. Press Battery Saver, and turn it on.