What Useful Gadgets Are Available for Windows 7?

What Useful Gadgets Are Available for Windows 7?

Some useful gadgets available for Windows 7 include All CPU Meter, Clipboard Manager and Windows Orb Clock. These gadgets are easy to install and come with a number of different features, according to Tech Republic.

All CPU Meter monitors up to 8 cores and is simple for anyone to use. It monitors CPU usage as well as memory usage and provides the information in one small, and easy to read place. Although it is not really customizable, it allows users to change its background color quickly and easily.

Clipboard Manager allows users to save up to 999 clips and send those clips to the Clipboard or Favorites with only a right click of the mouse. Clips can be marked with a timestamp and this app supports images as well as text, notes Tech Republic.

Windows Orb Clock provides a net, clean clock gadget placed directly on the Windows 7 desktop. It's easy to download and installs in seconds.

People who love browsing the Internet will find Ultimate Explorer a useful gadget. It allows people to browse the Internet without having to open a web browser. Quickly perform a Snap Search on sites such as Wikipedia, Google, Amazon and eBay.

MiniTV allows users to catch up on the news without opening a web browser. It's a small gadget that displays channels such as C-SPAN and NBC News, and users can double click anywhere on the screen to enter or exit full-screen mode.