What Are Some Useful Excel Tips and Tricks?


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Some useful Excel tips and tricks include pressing Ctrl and Page Up to move from the current worksheet to a worksheet on the left. To move to the worksheet on the right, press Ctrl and Page Down. Another handy trick when you need to move directly to the end of a data range is to press Ctrl and the arrow key pointing towards the cell at the end of the range.

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To select a range of cells to the last non-blank cell, click the first cell, and press Ctrl, Shift and the arrow key pointing towards the direction of the last cell. Instead of holding and dragging the mouse down the length of a data set to copy a formula, simply double-click the tiny box at the bottom right-hand corner of the cell with the formula. To quickly switch between relative and absolute references, click the cell with the formula, and press F4.

If there is a set of words that you frequently type in Excel, you can create a custom list so that Excel automatically fills a row or column for you when you type the first few words. To create a custom list, click File, go to Options and click Advanced. Scroll down the Advanced menu until you get to the General section, and click Edit Custom Lists. Once the Custom List window appears, click New List, enter your set of words and click OK.

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