What Are Some Useful Computer Shortcut Keys?


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Useful keyboard shortcuts for computers that run on Windows 7 or newer versions include the combination of C, X and V keys with Control to copy, cut and paste different types of content, respectively, and the combination of Control and P keys to initiate the printing process. Shortcut keys for Windows 10 include the Windows key to hide or display the Start screen, and the combination of Q and S keys with Control to activate different Cortana features.

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What Are Some Useful Computer Shortcut Keys?
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For window management, Windows operating systems include keyboard shortcuts such as pressing Alt and Tab keys at the same time to switch between active windows, pressing D and Windows keys to minimize all active windows and show the desktop, and using the Up and Down arrow keys in combination with the Windows key to minimize and maximize the currently selected window, respectively. For task management, the combination of Control, Shift and Escape keys in Windows 7 starts the Task Manager utility, while pressing L and Windows keys opens the login screen, which locks the computer until a user logs in again.

In Windows 10, pressing Q while holding the Windows key readies the Cortana personal assistant feature for voice input, while pressing S and Windows keys at the same time prepares the same feature for text input. Windows 10 also lets users create virtual desktops by pressing Windows, Control and D keys at the same time and switch between the desktops by pressing Left and Right arrow keys instead of the D key.

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