What Are Some Useful Apps for Counting Carbohydrates?


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Three of the more popular apps for counting carbohydrates are CarbsControl, the Atkins Mobile Weight Loss Tracker & Carb Counter and Carb Master. Each is available as a Web, iOS and Android application. Each app works well with low-carb diets, such as the South Beach Diet and Atkins Diet.

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CarbsControl provides nutrition information, including carbohydrate content, for a wide variety of foods through its comprehensive database. It also allows the user to set carb goals by day or meal, and then tracks the carbs users consume.

The Atkins Mobile Weight Loss Tracker & Carb Counter allows users to find nutritional information, including carb counts, on grocery store items by scanning the UPC label with the use of the user's smartphone. It tracks total net carbs consumed each day, generates an optional recommended daily meal plan or allows the user to create a custom low-carb meal plan. The app also features nutritional information on a wide range of Atkins Phase diet products. One of its more popular features allows users to search for restaurants with menu items in their respective carb ranges.

The Carb Master app provides carb content information on more than 110,000 food items. Its database includes restaurant and grocery store items.

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